Rumour: $US 199 Xbox Bundle With Motion Controller

"A source close to Microsoft's marketing department" tells game site Xbox 360 Fanboy that a new $US 199 Xbox 360 Arcade bundle will be hitting later this year. But that's not all, the source goes on to say that the bundle will be packaged with the rumoured Xbox 360 motion controller as well as some motion controlled mini-games from developer Rare. The motion controller will apparently be bundled separatly and be sold with "an even more expansive list" of mini motion games. Supposedly this will be out for the holiday shopping season and would go head-to-head with the Nintendo Wii. Or something like that. All sounds a little too good too be true, but who knows. So yeah, consider all this a rumour for now.
Rumour: New $US 199 360 SKU with motion controller [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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