Rumour: Microsoft Paid For Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Exclusivity Breach?

There's apparently a big feature article in the upcoming issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu that talks Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII and all that jazz. While scans haven't hit the internet yet, we've heard from several trusted insiders who have seen the yet-unreleased issue. It mentions that FFXIII is going to be out in Japan by next summer and in Europe/USA on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by the end of 2009 — which pretty much what we already know.

Here's the juicy bit: According to the Famitsu piece, Microsoft is footing the bill for Square Enix's FFXIII breach of PS3 exclusivity contract. No idea how much money that entails or the exact deal Microsoft worked out with Square Enix, but the fact there is not Xbox 360 version announced for Japan is telling. Square Enix does state how porting the game to the Xbox 360 should be easy.

More interesting tidbits: It's apparently hard to tell which looks better: Star Ocean 4 or Final Fantasy XIII. Also, the company plans to focus more on PSP game development from now on. File this as rumour until proper scans surface.


    For the post below, the reason every 360 game says "1080p resolution" is because they're all upscaled to that resolution. The majority of 360 titles are actually rendered below HD resolution, but stretched out by the system's ANA chip to fit 720p or 1080p TVs.

    PS3 titles are a bit more honest in that respect.

    ok bioshock going to ps3 is no surprise since it was said to be a time exclusive to begin with ( at least from what i remember) as is star ocean. not really a big surprise that ff is ported to the 360 but i`m curious about the cost of it and the number of disc cause i remember the packaging for lost odyssey where to cut costs in north america they just stuffed the 4th disc in the instruction manual (had to exchange it 2 times to get a copy with no broken discs). also i used to be an xbox fan boy for the original xbox so all you current 360 lovers don`t get pissed but the 360 sucks. ms didn`t plan ahead and just jumped in with a new systems with more lemons than the first model of ps2 (which i exchanged for an xbox). it so many peripherals that if you compared the costs of the two when they all have the same or similar functions then the 360 actually cost a lot more. also for those that say that the 360 is the superior system i`d have ask if you`re joking but
    including me and 5 of my friends we gone through 37 360s and god knows how many games we`ve lost to rings of death. if it weren`t for the fact the library at moment is larger than sonys i`d say that its a waste of money. also though unconfirmed there is talk already that the 360 is going to be fazed out in 2010 like the old xbox was. so chances are they will stop making 360 games and force xbox users to dish out another 500-800 dollars (ms paid 900 mil for rights to use blue ray). as deep as ms`s pockets are how deep are it fans pockets. if the 360 used hd dvds as the standard disc for games than it would have lasted longer if not forced sony to switch to hddvds. also the fact that ms got the game ported over means (most likely) they paid square off and if it does well go for them but sony still owns 19% of square so sony is still getting profit off of the sale of 360 versions in the long run.

    sorry for the long ranting

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