See A Famicom Gutted For Your Amusement

The Nintendo Famicom, picture above in happier times, was sadly gutted by Benj Edwards for PC World, giving us a disturbing, yet educational look at the NES precursor. Even as we look at the grisly insides of the Famicom, its game cartridges, controllers and Japan-only disk system, we learn quite a few things. For instance, I didn't know the Famicom had microphones built into the controllers and that one could shout into them, killing enemies in the Japanese version of The Legend of Zelda.

That makes this lovely little feature information and fun, a sort of "edutainment", if you will. Do check it out, as it's gorgeously photographed and loaded with easily digestible NES era minutiae.

Inside Nintendo's Classic Game Console [PC World]


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