Sega Sexes Up Samba De Amigo For Games Convention

Pictured: A scene from Sega's business centre booth, far from where consumer eyes survey, where only check-signin' shot-callers (and lowly press) have access. That means that even an innocent title like Samba de Amigo for the Nintendo Wii has to be sexed up for those who might not "get it", an attempt to lure in buyers (and creepy press) with means other than good gameplay.

These spotted ladies aren't just loitering in the business area, they're attracting the regular Joes at Sega's on-floor display booth. The outfits are demure by E3 or TGS standards — as are the majority of Games Convention's "booth babes" — but certainly designed to get the job done.

And there's the other side for you, if you're a Samba de Amigo back up dancer fetishist/completist.


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