Sega's Cosmetics Game For DS Comes With 'DS Scan' Add-On

Sega's recently filed trademark for a title known as Project Beauty, dug up by Siliconera, left a good deal to the imagination. Was it just placeholder? A code name for Skies of Arcadia 2? Would we be subject to another creatively uninspired and vague video game name in the vein of Project Origin, Project Gotham and Project Offset? The answer is even better, as Siliconera has dug deeper into Project Beauty, rooting out a collaboration with cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido.

The full (tentative) title, Shiseido Beauty Solution Supervised Exploration Center: Project Beauty, certainly makes the software sound like a Sega developed "Make-Up Training" application. That's the kind of non-game casual software that the Japanese gamer might just love.

According to a Play-Asia listing for the title, it comes in two flavours, one with a 'DS Scan' and one without. There's a ten dollar price difference between the two, with a higher shipping cost on the bundled version giving the impression that it's coming in a big box.

The whole thing smacks of Otona no DS Kao Training (aka Face Training) which came with a camera that plugs into the DS's Game Boy Advance cartridge slot. Whether Project Beauty supports the first-party camera, we'll have to wait to find out.

Project Beauty is a crossover with Sega and Shiseido? [Siliconera]


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