Sega's GC Line Up - Sonic, Samba, And Surprises

Sega has just announced their line up for Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany next week, with Sonic the Hedgehog and the public debut of Samba De Amigo at the forefront of their presentation, though both could be upstaged by the super-secret world premier hinted at in Headstrong's pre-convention postcard. Along with the world premier of a new title, Sega will be parading about Sonic in both Unleashed and Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood flavours, with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games thrown in for good measure. Rounding out their booth presence will be the game of the TV show Dinosaur King, and Gas Powered Games' Space Siege.

The company's presence in the Business Centre closely mirrors that of E3, with Alpha Protocol, the new RTS Stormrise, and PlatinumGames titles Bayonetta and MadWorld on display, along with Empire: Total War, Golden Axe, and Valkyria Chronicles. Between the titles we know about and the one we hope we know about, it should be a very exciting GC for Sega indeed.


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