SFIV Hits NYC Arcade, Other Cities, Too

There have been sightings of Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets popping up over the last week in North American cities. We received a few tips from people claiming the Chinatown Fair arcade in Manhattan got their very own cabinet, too. So since I never have anything to do on the weekend, I figured I'd take a stroll over there to see for myself. Well, sure enough, they did! It certainly wasn't official looking, but nonetheless, it works and I got a chance to sit down and get a few rounds in. So how does it play? Let's just say it'll make your eyes orgasm.


    Hey Suntorytime, I noticed the Ratio issue at Replay in Brisbane city too-!

    Think maybe it's way the Replay staff set it up? I haven't seen our (Brisbane specific) complaint anywhere else. Also, doesn't it look a LOT more aliased than any screens/video etc you've seen.

    I think something's up there

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