Sin City & Transmission Games Parted Ways “A Long Time Ago”

Sin City & Transmission Games Parted Ways “A Long Time Ago”
j_alba.jpgGamespot reports that Red Mile Entertainment has handed the monochrome goose to another developer. The publisher wasn’t willing to say which studio had taken up the reins, just that the Melbourne-based Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus) was no longer at the helm. From the GS story:

Responding to requests for comment, a Red Mile representative said that Sin City has been passed off to an as-yet-unannounced development house, a change that occurred “quite a long time ago”. Commenting on the switch, the Red Mile representative said, “Transmission is focusing on Heroes Over Europe, which is quite an important title for us”.

First Pandemic (maybe) and now Transmission? The only upside to this tale is it finally gave me an excuse to use a picture of Jessica Alba in a post. Small comfort, mind you.

Red Mile contracts new Sin City dev [Gamespot, via Tsumea]


  • Too bad that Transmission is no longer doing the game. I did some part time there and the people I talked to seemed pretty excited about it (although they were working on another game at the time).

    The extra time for Heroes should be good (extra time for any game is generally good)

  • I’m not sure how well Sin City would translate to a game, but then I thought it would translate well to a movie either and R Rodriguez got that right. Hopefully it’ll include the full Sin City roster, that guy Wallace from the last story arc Hell and Back was a kick ass character. Hopefully this gets made at some point.

    I’m also yet to find out what it is about Jessica Alba that the whole world finds sexy. Gimme Monica Belluci any day.

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