Snowblind Makes Death Tank Official

We may have gotten wind of it a bit early, but it's always nice to back things up with an official announcement. Snowblind Studios, Inc. and Flat Games LLC have proudly announced Death Tank for Xbox Live Arcade, a classic game of tanks and trajectories redone with that special XBLA flair. People like to compare it to Worms, but I like to go back a bit further and compare it to an old addiction of mine, Scorched Earth, only with powerups, particle effects, and 8-player multiplayer via Xbox Live (4-players locally). We've got screens, a debut video after the jump, but no word on when it's coming out. Can't possibly be soon enough in my book. This is gaming right here.

Death Tank Official Page [Snowblind Studios via Gamerbytes]


    It's definately Scorched Earth. Ahhh the memories of wasted hours playing that game with friends

    I hope the weapons are just as ridiculous and over the top as SE..

    BTW did you know Scorched Earth 3D was released some time ago as a free remake? Really cool stuff

    WOW this games looks amazing is it online flash or is download needed?

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