Some Guy: 70% Of Games Lose Money

While certain games are a licence for their publishers to, yes, print money - Halo, Mario and Final Fantasy come to mind - most aren't. Most are lucky to capture your attention for a week or two before falling under the crushing tank treads of progress, as you lot clamour for the next thing, the next thing, the next thing. Indeed, so many games fall into that latter category that Chris Deering - who was once boss of SCEE, but is now just some guy - says 7 out of 10 games lose money. Which in reality explains why so many developers and publishers go bust, but in my most socialist of fantasies, would be the catalyst for gaming industry revenue sharing, where Nintendo and Activision would be forced to share their profits with Atari and Midway. You know, just to keep things even. And interesting.
Gaming audience will hit 2.5bn by 2011, says Deering [Develop]


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