Sony See Exclusivity With Developers, Not Publishers, As The Way Forward

Ah, exclusivity in the current hardware generation. Let's discuss it again, shall we? Speaking at last week's Leipzig Games Convention, SCEE boss David Reeves said he believes that the days of a platform holder negotiating exclusives with a publisher are long gone.

We have to accept more and more that platform holders themselves cannot have exclusives unless they're given millions and millions of dollars not to develop a particular game for one particular platform.

But for developers, and you could take someone like Quantic Dream for example - a great game, it takes a lot of time to develop, they need a little bit of funding, external development. In exchange, it's exclusive - that works. So exclusivity possibly with developers is more likely that exclusivity with publishers.

In other words, don't expect something like Metal Gear Solid 4 to happen ever again. Ever.

Sony: Publisher exclusivity probably "a thing of the past" []


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