Space Invaders Attack World Trade Centre At Games Convention

Let's file this one under "Too Soon". Seen at the "Invaders!" booth, tucked away in Hall Four of the Games Convention being held in Leipzig, Germany right now, was this non-interactive installation of the classic Taito space faring aliens laying waste to the Twin Towers. It was projected on a massive screen in the vicinity of lots of classic Space Invaders goods, as the game is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It was... it was weird.

This hits three year's after the first and last game to take on the World Trade Centre hit Brooklyn.

Honestly, we're not quite sure what's going on here quite yet, as we didn't know the German translation for "What the fuck?" We do know, however, that the 8-bit tower jumpers and the negative score applied to each WTC tower to indicate damage aren't going to sit well with, we're thinking, everyone we know who doesn't hate freedom.

Update: It is an art exhibit, according the the French-American artist.


    I find it simultaneously hillarious and obscene that so many gamers wouldn't think twice about the litany of games featuring America as world police invading other nations, yet will get incredibly butthurt and carry on about this game.

    I think the game's creator deserves kudos for making something to challenge audiences rather than pander to their ignorance.

    "vas der fich" maybe?

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