Stargate Worlds Beta Signup Lottery For mmolecule Members

Anyone itching to try out Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's Stargate Worlds MMORPG could do worse than get themselves over to

The MMO knowledgebase is holding an exclusive Stargate Worlds Beta Key Giveaway, open to its members.

Just sign up with the site (new members aren't excluded, don't fret) and then sit back — nervously fingering your James Spader action figure is optional — until September 20th, when 200 names will be drawn from the inverted pseudo-Egyptian headdress and each awarded one Beta signup key.

If by some chance you are also a member of a Stargate Worlds Command (a gaming clan, in other words) and host a website in mmolecule's Guild Services Open Beta (a sort of clan-management service) you will get a second chance to win.

mmolecule Launches Stargate Worlds Beta Key Giveaway [mmolecule]


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