Stephen Fry ‘Does’ The Nintendo DS

Stephen Fry ‘Does’ The Nintendo DS

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Stephen Fry is Best at everything. Actor, writer, director, comedian, poet, documentary maker, blogger, etc. etc. and bloody etc. again. In the UK we consider him a national treasure on a par with Excalibur, the Koh-i-noor Diamond and Queen Victoria’s secret pr0n stash.

He has even lent his considerable vocal talent to Fable 2 — talk about renaissance man. Beat that, Leonardo, you big fraud.

Having recently begun an 87th career as a gadget blogger (via his Guardian newspaper column Dork Talk) the boy Fry has revealed his affection for the Nintendo DS and — true to form — offers a spot-on dissection of what is great about the handheld.

At the moment his interests seem to lie in the casual end of the gaming spectrum. Other games writers beware, though — if someone gives him a stack of Square RPGs we will all be out of a job by Christmas.

Dork Talk [The Guardian]

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