Still No Plans For A Siren Blu-Ray Rlease In The US

Hope this story from last week didn't get your hopes up. Turns out that information - about a Blu-Ray release for Siren: Blood Curse in the Fall - was for European eyes only. You Americans, you're still in limbo, left only with the option of downloading the game and these helpful words from SCEA:

At this time, there is no Blu-ray Disc version planned for the North American market. Please note, however, that you are able to delete and then re-download episodes since the purchase is linked to your PSN account. The developers kept this functionality in mind knowing that the episodes were fairly beefy.

Hah. "No plans". Already, our favourite catchphrase of 2008! Of course, being a PS3 game it's not too hard to import it, so long as you don't mind the characters telling you to stick to the footpath, mind the grey-skinned chaps and use only aluminium weapons. Side note to publishers: more press statements need the word "beefy".

Still No U.S. Plans For Disc-Based 'Siren: Blood Curse' [MTV]


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