Street Fighter IV, Now At Crown Casino

sf4_crown.jpgReader Jesse's keen eyes spotted a pair of arcade machines set up next to the entry of the "Galactic Circus", a video arcade situated in Melbourne's Crown Casino. Yes, that's Street Fighter IV, and for $2 you too can enjoy its fierce fearsomeness.

In Jesse's words: "Best thing is, this place never closes, so If I get the urge to play as Guile, I can get my 'Sonic Booms' on at 3AM". You can find a second shot after the jump.


    As "Jesse's" little brother I showed him... no credit to me :(
    And by the way it closes at 2.
    No 3am sonic booms for you =p

    Just went down and played it with some friends from work, I loved it but I think they should put a film grain pass over it to bring the art together.

    I couldn't believe that of all the people at the Galactic Circus (about 25) we were the only ones playing a fighting game. There was no line for SFIV or anyone even partly interested.

    im very much interested play the latest SF series...
    havent played any arcade game since high school...
    ima need to brush up on the moves tho...

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