Street Fighter Movie Writer Takes Things VERY Seriously

Come on. Admit it. You love it to death, sure, but Street Fighter is absolutely ridiculous. Electrified Brazilian jungle mutants? Elastic-limbed Indian yoga masters who can breathe fire? It's comic book stuff. And as rubbish as the 90's live-action movie was, at least it knew that much. But the new Street Fighter movie? The one being written by Justin Marks? Don't expect ridiculosity. Expect serious business. Because Marks takes his Street Fighter very, very seriously.

I grew up with the 'Street Fighter' games. I don't see them as cheesy or funny, but as serious characters that deserve to be explored in their own right.

Which explains, we guess, why the movie's based on the exploits of Chun Li and not the exploits of a large Russian man who wrestles bears in his underwear.

Justin Marks - Bringing Bionic Commando to Comics [Newsarama, via MTV]


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