Taito Considering Legal Action Againt 9/11 Invader Artist

Taito today said they are considering legal action against artist Douglas Edric Stanley and his "Invaders!" exhibition at the Games Convention and that it was produced entirely without their knowledge.

Taito said that in fact the entire "Space Invaders: The Anniversary Show" exhibition by the Computer Game Museum Berlin was likewise planned and presented without their knowledge and authorisation.

"TAITO is seriously considering all available options—including legal actions against the infringer and, if necessary, the Games Convention exhibitor involved—in order to end this unauthorised and impermissible misuse of the Space Invaders content and to protect TAITO's intellectual properties".

Taito does not address their take on the art and it's blending of Space Invaders with 9/11 outside the IP issue. I'm still waiting to hear back from Taito parent company Square-Enix. A press person told me that they do plan on making a statement.


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