Talkman Travel Helps PSP Owners Pick Up Foreigners This Thursday

Japanese gamers have had access to the Talkman translation software on their PSPs for close to three years now. Even the Euros got their fix of Talkman! North Americans are finally getting it this Thursday via the PlayStation Store in the form of Talkman Travel, three language-based downloads that feature built-in translated phrases, photos of popular international destinations and even... wait for it... mini-games!

You'll be able to (attempt to) pick up chicks (or dudes) in Japanese, French or Italian using Talkman Travel, as well as find places to eat, relieve yourself legally, and haggle for chintzy souvenirs. At only $US 6 a pop, I don't think I can heed Crecente's advice that Talkman's "sorta shit".

Parlez-vous Talkman Travel? Interactive Travel Guide Coming to PSP []


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