Team Fortress 2 Heavy's First Unlockable Weapon Revealed

Valve updated the Team Fortress 2 "Heavy Update" page today to reveal the first of the Heavy class's unlockable weapons, the KGB. Backronymed in appropriately broken English as the Killing Gloves of Boxing, they'll give the Heavy five seconds of critical hits, should he take out some poor chump with the KGBs. Sounds like a win-win to us, despite their slower punching speed.

The "Heavy Update" promo site also shows off the names, but not the details, of the Heavy's new Achievements. Those details may be under wraps until Team Fortress 2's new mode is revealed. We're hoping it has something to do with eating, as the Heavy has at least four gastronomically themed Achievements — Don't Touch Sandvich, Borscht Belt, Icing On The Cake and Konspicuous Konsumption.

The Killing Gloves of Boxing [Steam]


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