Team Ico In No Rush To Finish Current Game

Team Ico's current project may well be really, really good, but you know what else? It's also most likely a really, really long way off, with Fumito Ueda telling gamesTM that tiii-iiiaaii-mme, is on his side. Yes it is.

I'm not feeling any pressure at the moment because time is not critical yet...Production has not reached the critical stage. The company is very reasonable thanks to my achievements in the past. So, although I do get pressurised, that's not happened yet [on the current project] , and that's something I feel gratitude for, that the company gives us the opportunity to focus by giving us time.

Reasonable? REASONABLE? Goddamnit, Sony, you get in there, and you crack that whip. On a related topic, Ueda also said that, given the time, he'd love to someday work on a small-scale game for the PSN. Yes. Given the time.

Team Ico boss: My PS3 game hasn't hit critical development yet [gamesTM, via VG247]


    Don't rush them. As we've seen in the past they take their time and they deliver. Besides, how many games do you see theses days that are rushed out with zero preproduction and are just plain terible?

    Kotaku you look downright stupid now.

    Especially sicne this game has already been seen by press this year and will most likely be at TGS.

    Kotaku should just warm to the PS3 a bit more. The cynical journalism is just old now. especially sicne the 360 hasn't produced anythign outside of last generation capabilities.

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