Thai Ministry of Health's 10 Most Dangerous Games

In what appears to be the wake of the Thai killing linked to Grand Theft Auto IV, the Thai Ministry of Health has put together a list of the ten most dangerous video games, Cnet Asia reports.

The original press release is in Thai, which I don't read, but the Cnet Asia reporter seems to be saying the release of the list and the killing are related. Now that Thailand has decided to pull one game from shelves, what's to stop them from pulling the ten on this list, which includes God of War and 300, the game, not the movie.

Here's your full list of "dangerous games".

1- GTA

2- Man Hunt

3- Scarface

4- 50 Cent - Bullet Proof

5- 300

6- The Godfather

7- Killer 7

8- Resident Evil 4

9- God of War

10- Hitman

Thai Ministry of Health's 10 most dangerous video games (yeah, you read that right) [Cnet Asia]


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