Thai Teenager Tries GTA For Real, Kills Cab Driver

Thai Teenager Tries GTA For Real, Kills Cab Driver

gta4_cops.jpgA taxi driver was killed by an 18-year old with a knife in Thailand over the weekend. Not exactly gaming news, except for the fact the teenager cited Grand Theft Auto as his inspiration. As a result, New Era Interactive Media, the game’s distributor in Thailand, has requested stores remove the title from shelves, and the Thailand Culture Ministry has taken the opportunity to push for stronger classification measures.

Although the person in question was 18, surprisingly, the government identified parents as the important factor in keeping inappropriate games (and other mediums) out of the hands of their children. From the Herald Sun story:

A senior official at Thailand’s Culture Ministry said the murder was a wake-up call for authorities to tackle the issue of violent video games, and urged parents to pay closer attention to what their children played.

The article goes on to say the assailant was an “obsessive player of Grand Theft Auto” and appeared clear of mental illness. So why did he do it?

“He said he wanted to find out if it was as easy in real life to rob a taxi as it was in the game”, chief police investigator Veeravit Pipattanasak said.

Now, I’m no mental health professional, but that doesn’t sound like something a normal person would say.

Certainly a tragedy, but the exception to the rule. If someone feels compelled to commit such a terrible act, all the censorship in the world won’t stop them from finding an influence or “reason” to do it – be it society, TV, movies, games or the alignment of the stars. It’s just unfortunate that in this case, it was GTA.

Game pulled from shops after killing [Herald Sun, thanks Michael]


  • Ahhh epic fail… where do these people come from?

    One nutter can ruin the fun for millions just by claiming a video game inspired them 🙁

    The sad thing is the reaction it’s capable of causing. The millions of brain dead parents and self righteous brainless twats will be up in arms…

  • ah christ, Jack Thompson in 3….2….1….fuck!
    why cite any video game as inspiration? its not gonna get you off the hook. if you kill someone its because your wired fucking wrong, not because you played a game FFS. waiting for someone to knock down a building and cite “Boom Blox” as inspiration!

  • freaking hell. could these people stop jeapordizing the freedom for sane people to play these games.

  • As much as I’d love to go into a huge rant about the scapegoating of violent games, I’m sure I’d just be preaching to the converted. However, there is another point about this issue that is often overlooked.

    With large newspapers reporting these stories, and thus making them appear credible in the eyes of the (gullible) general public, it may in fact lead to an increase of these types of events. Any young kid who gets caught doing something they shouldn’t may think they will be able to get away with it by simply blaming their actions on a video game.

  • All violent video games should be banned all around the world.. Plain and simple..Especially Dragonball Z.. That one really makes your ballz itch to go out and lay the smackdown on some unsuspecting monkey..

  • “How about I rip out my eye balls, feast on them, and blame GTA IV?”

    That’s not extreme enough. You would need to affect someone innocent for the media to sit up and take notice.

  • …”thanks Michael”

    I know it’s a long shot, but if that were Atkinson, I’d be screaming Thompson too.

  • As Troy pointed out… “He wanted money to play the game. His parents, who work as civil servants, did not have enough money to give him,” he added.

    He couldn’t afford to play the game!

    How can a game the boy could not play be blamed as the driving force behind his act?

    /me waits for ‘Zorro’ to be banned from Canadian television.

  • …and Charles Manson was inspired by The Beatles’ White Album.

    It’s not the ‘inspiration’ that’s to blame, it’s the nutter that gets inspired.

  • Perhaps someone should commit a crime like this, but then cite “politicians” as their inspiration.

    We could all do with having them banned.

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