Thanks, Guys - In July, we posted about Zak Touilii, a disabled Australian teenager whose PS3 and games - donated by the Make A Wish foundation - had been stolen by thieves who broke into his home. Was a bastardly act. One which has in turn generated a very un-bastardly response: we've heard a bunch of Kotaku commenters got together, raised some money and presented Zak with a cheque for $US 425. Which should go a long way towards restocking Zak's games library (Sony Aus having already replaced his PS3). To those of you who kicked in, thanks.


    The people who donated are, like those who give to Penny Arcade's charity, the unsung heroes of the gaming community. The media will never write about these types of gamers, but at the end of the day, that doesn't matter. *raises hat*

    Good stuff guys!!!!

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