The Art of Star Wars The Force Unleashed

The Art of Star Wars The Force Unleashed

With the Star Wars The Force Unleashed approaching, Lucas Arts sent along a copy of their new book about the game.

The Art and Making of Star Wars The Force Unleashed is a chunky, 168 page book filled with more than 300 pieces of concept art, two packs of character cards and plenty of behind the scenes details of how the title went from concept to game.

I’ve only had a chance to flip through the book so far, but what I’ve seen impresses. The book is divided up into six chapters that tackle the concept behind the game and early pitches, the story approval process, the characters in the game, the environments, the technology and a run through of all of the game’s milestones and how it progressed from greenlight, to alpha to launch.

I’m not typically a big fan of these over-sized art books but there seems to be enough meat to the book to make it worth picking up. I still might have a problem dropping $US 30 for it, but I’m sure bigger fans of the franchise won’t.


  • The concept art for the Apprentice is probably a stick figure on a napkin, given how absolutely awful he looks in game… I’ll just close my eyes and picture the Soul Calibur 4 version…

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