The Cars Debut Album is a Rock Band Exclusive

N'Gai Croal, who first pointed out that Aerosmith was going to be a Guitar Hero exclusive for awhile is at it again, getting a colleague to chase down whether The Cars debut album, the second full-length album released on Rock Band, will be a Rock Band exclusive. Turns out it will be, at least for awhile, according to Rhino Records.

The deal we made for The Cars is a full album game download and Rock Band is the only game title out there putting full albums up as downloadable content. Having said this, we would not licence the full album out for a similar use; however, we can and will (when opportunity presents itself) licence single tracks from this album for other games. Nonetheless, moving forward we will be licensing more full albums from the Warner Music Group Cataloguefor game download to Harmonix for Rock Band.

Croal notes that doesn't prevent singles from showing up elsewhere, but it does point to a growing battle of the bands that is sure to eventually lead to some major coups as things heat up.

The Great War of Rock Continues to Rage: Rhino Records Tells Level Up That The Cars' Debut Album Was a Rock Band Exclusive


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