The Legend Of Zelda: The...Philosophy Book (Huh?)

Billed as a work that "puts video games on the philosophical map as a serious area of study", The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy is seeking to ask, and answer, the burning questions surrounding the Zelda series. Does Link have a will, or do gamers project their wills onto him? Can Hyrule be seen as an ideal society? How does time function? Is Zelda art? All terribly vague, all terribly pretentious, all making this sound less like an interesting book on the series and more like a bad first-year philosophy term paper. Since we're on the topic of a Zelda book, however, if a publisher feels like releasing a large, expensive, coffee table book of the series' concept art (complete with notes from artists and game designers), we may be a little more receptive.

The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy [Amazon, via Go Nintendo]


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