The Power Of Video Game Suggestion - Mmmm, Eggs

Since playing through Metal Gear Solid IV, I've gone through a dozen eggs a week. I never used to eat this many eggs, but there I am, nearly every morning, cracking open fresh ones into a hot frying pan, pausing to watch the egg white turn from translucent to opaque, humming a little song to myself. Hell, I never really ate eggs sunny side up before the damn game came out. I was a scramblin' man. Quick, easy, no fuss. What has this stupid game done to me?

Is this an isolated case, or have you folks ever found yourself eating, drinking, or doing things a certain way after seeing it in a game? I'm not talking purchasing large baskets of Axe deodourant due to an in-game ad here - we've all done that. I'm talking more subtle things here. Going on a fresh fruit kick after a Pac-Man marathon, or getting really into curry after watching the marathon curry cutscene in Xenosaga II? How much power do video games have over our daily habits? If only we had a comments section in which to discuss such things.


    Absolutely. This has happened to me before in the past. My major eating influence first came from a TV show - Futurama, during the episode about the jar of anchovies. Since then, I've started loving them.

    Similarly, after playing The World Ends With You, I've taken a liking to Ramen (I hated soups in the past).

    I'm sure there are other examples.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 makes me want to smoke more

    Hey, after watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop, where Spike and Jet were eating hard boiled eggs, I could'nt stop eating them... O___O I had 8 in one day... Even though 2 is a more reasonable amount.

    you aint kidding. right now im eating sunny side up eggs dropped in ramen for a minute. i would have never thought about that before msg4 but now i cant eat ramen without them....

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