Thing We Wanted To Know About Madworld (But Weren't Told)

The Platinum Games developed SEGA published Madworld looks great. It's a black and white (and red) Wii title takes place in a "dystopian future" where a TV show called Death Watch has contestants kill each other. Like we said, seems great, but we're ready to find out the nitty gritty details about it. Game site Siliconera took at stab at finding out more, but got the run around from SEGA associate producer Christopher Kaminski:

Is Man Darts [smacking guys into a large dart board with a bat]is a party game or could be played like a party game?

I'm going to go with no comment with that one.

...So is MadWorld just a single player game?

No comment. [laughs]

...It's probably early to ask this question, but No More Heroes came out with a highly censored version to avoid a CERO Z rating. I don't think Sega has ever published a CERO Z game in Japan. Do you think MadWorld can be toned down where it can be a CERO D release? Or is it not even being considered for a release in Japan at this point?

I can't really comment on that one, but it's an excellent question.

To be fair, SEGA America probably really can't comment on what SEGA Japan does. Though, the other two questions are just examples of them not sharing. Boy, we totally hate it when people don't share.

Inside the development of Sega's MadWorld [Siliconera]


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