THQ Australia Working On ‘Brutal’ Warhammer 40K Brawler

THQ Australia Working On ‘Brutal’ Warhammer 40K Brawler

Looks like THQ have plans to wage an endless war on humanity’s wallets. Not only are they (well, they and Relic) serving up Dawn of War II and a “ready when it’s done” 40K MMO, but job listings appearing on THQ Australia’s website reveal the company also have plans for a 40K “action game” for the 360 and PS3. The company site doesn’t out-and-out name the project, saying “We are currently looking for people to work on a next-gen brutal, intimate melee combat game using a world-class brand”, but a listing on a local recruitment page gives the game away, using 40K as its main selling-point. Games based on 40K that aren’t Space Hulk or Dawn of War have generally sucked, but who knows, a “brutal, intimate” combat game on a PS3/360 might yet be able to take the Dawn of War intro and make a game out of it.

THQ Studio Australia needs developers for Warhammer 40,000 project [Tsumea]
THQ Australia Careers [THQ, both via IGN]


  • A Space Hulk FPS or TPS would rock my world. Imagine, gameplay along the lines of Gears of War, but W40K… Oooooh yeah, I want it already.

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