Three Reasons GTA IV Should Be Better On PC

Fun fact: GTA IV was the first GTA I ever completed on a console. All the others (at least, the 3D ones), I played on PC. Figured the wait was worth the better graphics and better gunplay. And so it is again with GTA IV, as the PC version of Rockstar's latest murder simulator will boast a number of improvements over those found on 360 and PS3. Firstly, and most obviously, the graphics will be better, with a max resultion of 2560 x 1600, higher-quality textures and increased draw distances. Secondly, the multiplayer will be better, as Rockstar are promising that the PC version will allow for more than the 16 players the console editions permit. Finally, the replay mode will be better, because...the console versions didn't have that feature. GTA IV on PC will constantly be recording your last 30 seconds of gameplay, which you can access and tinker with in an editing program to throw together some moody, sexy montages.
GC 2008: GTA IV PC Details and Screens [1UP]


    PC gaming is too expensive.. thats why i bought a 360/ps3 games work perfect for them

    Pc gaming is a "guessing game" to see what titles actually work right.

    I built a PC in 2007. 2gigs, Vista Ultimate, dual core pentium, 512 ati x1650pro AGP. and it barely plays games...sad.

    I would have to upgrade my mobo since its AGP only..meaning i would need all new crap... NOPE, i'll stick to consoles.

    can i get my joypad to work on pc on gta 4

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