Ubisoft Still Loves You, Nintendo

Nintendo pissed a lotta third-party publishers off with the secrecy surrounding it's Wii MotionPlus technology. Lucasarts especially. But it's not all flaming torches and pitchforks outside Nintendo HQ. Ubisoft still love them! Indeed, they think MotionPlus will add "a lot of pleasure to the experience" of playing more shitty Ubisoft Wii games playing a Wii game. You tell em, Ubisoft. Those Lucasarts kids are just mean.

Building Believable Worlds: Yannis Mallat On Production At Ubisoft [Gamasutra]


    You guys realize that any game that makes use of wii motion plus also has to be able to work without it.
    It'll be used for minor improvements only.
    So don't go expecting a full on lightsaber game

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