Ubisoft Suing Disc Production Company Over Assassin's Creed Piracy

When launching Assassin's Creed on the PC earlier this year, Ubisoft contracted Charlotte-based Optical Experts Manufacturing to produce the retail copies of the game disc. Part of that contract was an assurance on the part of OEM that they had top-shelf security measures in place, and that no game disc would ever leave their premises. Thing is, in February - six weeks before the game's launch - a pirated version of the game turned up on the internets. A pirated version that was found to have come from an OEM-produced disc, that had been uploaded from the home of an OEM employee. Oops. Ubisoft are suing OEM for breach of contract, negligence and copyright infringement, to the tune of $US 10 million. Neither Ubisoft or OEM have yet commented on the lawsuit.

Ubisoft sues over Assassin's Creed leak [GameSpot][Pic]


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