UK Tracked Vehicle Company Using Lionhead Logo?

lioncrane.jpgCan't afford your own logo, or can't think of one awesome enough? Why not just take someone else's? Reader Grant noticed that a UK tracked vehicle company, called IJ Access, has lifted Lionhead Studios' emblem for use on its site. If you look above, you'll see the IJ Access logo is on the left, LHS' is on the right.

Now, I thought at first it might just be a coincidence... until I found a newer version of the site. If you visit the original page,, the logo is out in force. However, if you jump to, which is almost identical, the logo has been scrubbed from the page header and the crane in the picture as well! Very naughty.

In case it all disappears, I've included screen caps of both sites after the jump.

IJ Access [Thanks Grant] Old site with logo. New site, minus logo and elite Photoshop.



    I love how they have also deleted the email address from the home page, just to prevent getting flamed by the masses.

    Still have their phone number though. Hope Lionhead reads this.

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