Unless You're Nintendo, Game Consoles Are Expensive

At the Games Convention Developers Dave Perry from Earthworm Jim developer Shiny Entertainment stated that Sony lost more money selling PS3 at a loss than it made during the five years of PlayStation 2 peak sales. That figure is estimated as being in the $US 3 billion ballpark. The data that Perry cited came from DFC Intelligence. Not taking a stance on the "console war", Perry was using this data to point out how much of an investment Sony was putting in the PS3.

Microsoft also has lost a lot of money on the Xbox 360 — that Red Ring of Death clusterfuck cost the company a billion dollars. Microsoft lots a billion on the original Xbox, and Sony, of course, was in the red with the PS2 for the first few years it launched. Seems like only Nintendo has this making-money-on-game-consoles schtick down.

Sony Has Lost More on the PS3 Than it Made on PS2 [1up via The Escapist]


    You people do realise that developers haven't even touched on 50% of the PS3's hardware capabilities?It is so hugely powerful that 10 years was the minimum estimate of its lifespan.
    Developers have stated on numerous occasions that in only 2011/2012 will they have pushed the PS3 to 80% of its potential.Sony and MS have realised that overly powerful hardware is not the key to sales and in turn profits(Cough...Wii).Yeah BlueRay is the standard for current and future hardware platforms,but the PS3 was over engineered and Sony needs to recover the Billions spent on R&D before they resort to any future console be it PS4 or whatever.

    PS3 is here to stay until 2018 and the next console will only be a slight evolution as Sony has learnt a lesson on R&D viz powerhouse systems will take a backseat to creativity instead.Sony is a business and like any business,they in it for the money.PS3 will prove itself in the next few years,more and more developers are only starting to understand its architecture and how to code for it,and have realised they have only thus far scratched the surface of this powerhouse.

    1: Gaming has evolutionized to include a higher audience and the hardcore gamers are pissed with all the "casual" games that have come out which are obviously for the new gamers who arent used to generic hardcore videogames.
    2: Sony and Microsoft have brought nothing to the table except graphics.
    3: I like my Wii, and i like all the games i have for it and just because you dont like it doesnt mean you have to bash it just because its not for your type of gaming pleasure.
    4: Why the hell are you all fighting when you should be fighting against people like Jack thompson if you want to keep your hardcore games.
    5: Quit bashing the Wii about ridiculous things like graphics, hell from what i remember the greatest videogames were born with horrible graphics and are considered HISTORICAL.
    6: The Wii is more family related, its not exactly for hardcore gamers and those who can't understand that if its family related are the ones who bash it to death, like on this comment section 0_0

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