Vigilante 8 Arcade Finally Submitted To XBLA

It has been a long time coming, but Vigilante 8 Arcade is finally rumbling its way towards Xbox Live Arcade. After several months of developmental false starts, Isopod Labs have confirmed that they have sent what they hope is the final release version to Microsoft.

Microsoft's XBLA testing crew will now pore over the release code to ensure it is fit to grace the virtual shelves — I like to imagine that this bit takes place in a proper mad science lab with a Van der Graaf generator and loads of curly glass tubes.

Last we heard, Vigilante 8 Arcade was going to feature gameplay from both the original Nineties classic and the sequel, Second Offence, with a Noughties graphical makeover and plenty of single and multi-player options.

V8 Arcade in final submission! [V8 Arcade via Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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