What Are You Playing This Weekend?

McWhertor is in Germany so I get custody of Lazy Sundays this weekend. As for what I'm playing, I got Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the Fable II: Pub Games on Thursday, and I'm thrilled with both. You know why else I like them? Means I get to game on a super quiet Xbox, which lately for me has sounded like a tuberculosis patient gargling pea gravel. And why is that interesting? Hit the jump for an honest to God IM transcript with Bash and Brian last night, and then tell us what games you're not destroying playing this weekend.

10:35 PM
Owen G.: i want to do a post, with audio. what is noisier, owen's 360 or his fridge

[walks over to machine and attempts to "fix" noise. uh oh.]

Owen G.: tell me why i turned the fucking thing horizontal with the disc spinning, like a stupe

10:40 PM
Brian A.: lol
Brian A.: i think your xbox is noiser
Owen G.: holy shit i think i just ruined the madden disc

10:45 PM
Brian C.: yeah thats a huge no no
Brian C.: results in disc scratching
Owen G.: god damn
Owen G.: there is a huge circular scar around the edge
Owen G.: i;m serious this disc is torched
Owen G.: shit now i actually have to *buy* madden to run this league
Owen G.: that's the stupidest sober thing i have done this year
Owen G.: i cant believe i did that. a four-year-old knows not to do that.



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