What Games Do Japanese Dudes With Fancy Hairdos Like?

Previously, we posted very exciting data about which character Japanese players liked best. Now, we've done better. See that magazine up there? That's Men's Egg, the male version of Japanese gal mag Egg. The Men's Egg models (and readers, hopefully!) have amazing hair. Just look at that! You cannot buy a 'do like that, but are given that by the hair gods. Oh yes. For those wondering what games these follicles fancy, onward!

World Soccer - Winning Eleven 2008 34 percent
Mario Kart 17 percent
The Three Kingdoms 6 percent

Not sure if that's Mario Kart DS and Dynasty Warriors or Sangokushi Taisen. But what we are sure is that their hair is simply amazing.

men's egg: Gyaru-o 2008 Data Bank [An Eternal Thought In The Mind of Godzilla]


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