What Jet Grind Radio For Wii Might Have Looked Like

Following yesterday's rumour on the return of Jet Grind Radio, said to be a Wii-bound release, we were tipped off to the work of Cory "Rey" Lewis who posted concept art from a "proposed" Jet Grind Radio title. While the post featuring the artwork — archived after the jump — was dated from March of 2008, Lewis lists the artwork for characters Beat, Gum, Tab and Professor K as dating back to 2006. He also lists the game's developer, making sense of a recent announcement.

According to the post, developer Kuju was the one pitching a new entry in the Jet Set Radio series. Kuju Entertainment actually comprises a number of studios, including Zoe Mode, Kuju America, and doublesix, among others.

Kuju London, which specialises in Wii development, recently changed its name to Headstrong Games, announcing that it had an unannounced Sega title in the works. The studio's previous work includes the Battalion Wars series for Nintendo.

Lewis wrote in March that "Unfortunately, the JGR pitch didn't take" but we haven't heard back from him on requests to clarify whether that meant this particular direction didn't take or that the project was scrapped or handed off to another developer.


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