What's The Biggest-Selling Game In Europe This Year?

Fans of our British sales charts will have some knowledge of the selling power of the Brain Training games, but really, they've only got part of the picture. They don't know how well it's been selling on the continent, and on the continent, it's been selling like hotcakes hot crepes. According to chart trackers GfK, over the first six months of 2008, the original Brain Training was the top-selling game in Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. Germany's top-selling game over the same period was the sequel, More Brain Training. Spain's #1 was Brain Training, while it's #2 was...More Brain Training. Just so you know, the first Brain Training was released over two years ago, while in Europe, even the sequel's been out for over a year. Egads.

Brain Training dominates 2008 in Europe [GI.biz]


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