When A Game Journo Becomes A Game Designer...

A year can go by crazy quick. Imagine a rocket strapped to a second, bigger rocket. Now, stick that in an Acme-brand slingshot. That's how fast years go, if giant cartoon slingshots existed and enormous liquid oxygen-propelled apparati were easy to come by.

Anyway, the point is that come September, I'll have been at Kotaku AU about a year. The month will also, sadly, mark my departure. From October onwards, I'll be employed as a game designer at Tantalus. It's full-time, which leaves no-time for Kotaku. It's also based in Melbourne, which means bye-bye Sydney.

Cue sad face.

Before I start crying - I'm not going anywhere just yet! I still have a few weeks at the helm of Kotaku AU. After that, well... if the idea of writing for the largest gaming blog in Australia tickles your fancy (or other places), just send a brief note, resume and sample post to [email protected], and the higher-ups will take a look.

Game design won't stop me from blogging however. If for some reason you like what I write, I'll be scribing at my shiny new site, Playwrite.

A massive, enduring thanks to every reader, tipster and fanboy that helped make Kotaku AU a force to be reckoned with. You've made my stay both pleasant and exciting. These are good, tasty things.

Now, back to your regular viewing...


    Congrats dude! Having just spent vast chunks of a weekend slaughtering my survivors in Zafehouse, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing.

    Take care Loges, drop us a line sometime.

    Hey congratumalations mate! Be lookin forward to the fruit of your hard work there too :-)

    Congrats dude!

    You've done a great job over the last year mate, and Tantalus is a top place! Best of luck to you!

    But.... but...
    Who will take your place to lead the charge against demented videogame legislation, your constant criticism of the Fallout 3 Refused Classification was an inspiration to us all.

    You will be missed man, godspeed. Hey since there's an opening now, what kind of money does a Kotaku writer make anyways? :)

    Congratulations Logan. I hope it proves to be a fulfilling and worthwhile career move. We'll miss your unique brand of reportage, but I'm sure we'll also appreciate your handiwork for Tantalus.

    Grats on the new job, will you be passing the mantle of 'Head banging on wall at Australian Classification laws' or HBWACL Director to someone else at Kotaku?

    Well done Logan. Your efforts to take the classification board to task were appreciated by all gamers across the country.

    Thanks as well for making sure EA didn't get away with dodgy pricing without having to trot out a bunch of lame excuses that made them look very silly indeed.

    You've been a fantastic editor. Best of luck in the future.

    You can't leave until Australia has an R18+ rating. I've arranged for Tantalus to let you go until this is achieved.

    As Yug said, Tantalus is a great place! Enjoy yourself and the coffee. They claim to have the best coffee of any office in Melbourne! Now that I think of it ... who am I going to steal news headlines from now?

    Hey, I remember posting that Tantalus game designer opening :D Congratulations on getting the job!

    It's a shame to see you go, but great to hear you got into the industry. Good luck with your future work.

    There must be some universal coincidence thing goin on today. I read this article and get an email five minutes later telling me I got the job I applied for at, wait for it, Tantalus.

    I'm readin all the articles about giant robots now...just in case

    Bye, Logan! You've done a bang-up job and will be sorely missed.

    Awww *sad waves* but I've grown accustomed to your writing style; Congrats on getting to actually be directly involved in the field you write so passionately about, though!

    Here's hoping you get to make at least one game where a grizzled Detective Zombie (who's only a few days shy of retirement) has to stop the deadly RetroNecro-virus that reverts zombies into horrifying 'normal' humans, threatening the zombie way of, uh, life?

    Or y'know, some idea that doesn't suck but has lots of zombies seeing as you like 'em so much?

    Bye Logan!

    Congrats Logan, but it's sad to see you go. :( Good luck at Tantalus!

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