Wii Hack Does Region-Free Gaming (Relatively) Easily

There are things I love about the Wii, and things I hate. Wanna know what I hate? I hate its draconian region protection. My PS3 is completely region-free, my 360 is region-free for, oh, 50-70% of the games on the market, and both handhelds are 100% region-free. So being subjected to Nintendo's slow-arse international release schedule is maddening. Luckily, it looks like a mod chip-free workaround is imminent. In the wake of the Freeloader's demise, a member of the DCEmu community (Crediar) has posted a vid of a Wii system menu hack that'll allow for not only region-free gaming (for both Wii and GameCube games), but region-free channels, and will even skip out those annoying health warnings. All courtesy of the homebrew channel. It's not out yet, but when it is, we'll let you know.

Wii Systemmenu hacks [DCEmu]


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