Will There Be Dead Rising PS3?

Here's the way Capcom works: multi-platform. The company really doesn't seem to play favourites, and it tries to get its games everywhere it can. So, exclusive titles like Xbox 360 only zombie title Dead Rising seem somewhat out of place in the corporate M.O. In a Bionic Commando: Rearmed thread on the official PlayStation.Blog, Capcom's John Diamonon writes this in response to a post about a PS3 being "REALLY happy with Capcom" even though Dead Rising is still Xbox 360 only:

You haven't seen the last of Dead Rising.

When asked if this was confirmation of PS3 Dead Rising, Diamonon replied: "Not confirming anything, just hoping. :)" It's already coming to the Wii, so make of this what you will.

BCR Behind The Scenes [PlayStation.Blog via PSU]


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