WoW Gold Site Advertises With Gnome Corpses

In the cutthroat world of World of Warcraft gold sales, a company has to try pretty hard to stand out, especially in the face of companies like IGE. I suppose we at least have to give credit for originality following the herd. A reader name Joe logged into Ironforge this morning to be greeted by the company's website spelled out in dead gnomes. While his pictures didn't capture the full name, heading over to MMOInn I found the above pic, proudly presented at the top of their website.

A quick search of the WoW Armoury to cross-reference names reveals that this took place on Dunemaul, a server no doubt very proud of the entrepreneurial spirit displayed here. A quick search of MMOInn reveals that their prices, for those so inclined, suck compared to IGE's, but hey - nice dead gnome sculpture.


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