Wrap-o-matic: Games Convention 2008 Edition

Not GC 2008 related: Yes, Alone in the Dark 360 is Being Patched To make it less awful? That's a toughy.

Sony: LittleBigPlanet *Not* Region-Locked Is there a word for "joy happy fun time"? It would be appropriate here.

Everything GC 2008 related: The GC Adventure Comes To A Close Invaders! Indeed No Longer Playable At GC 08 Where Old Promo Statues Go To Die New Dead Space Hands-On Impressions GC Stories - A Light In The Darkness Sexy New WipEout HD Screens Left 4 Dead Box Art To Change? 'Stay Tuned' Golden Axe: Beast Rider Impressions Of Excessive Brown What's In SingStar: Queen Anyway? Fracture Multiplayer - The View From Germany Cosplay Runs Rampant At Games Convention Sega Wins Kotaku's Coveted 'Best Press Kit Of Games Convention' Award MK vs. DC: Joker Will Shoot You In The Face The Witcher Enhanced Edition - What A Difference A Year Makes Killzone 2 Multiplayer Hands On - Five Good Things Meanwhile, At The Hall Of Jüstice, GC Coverage Continues Artists Pulls 9/11 Invader Exhibit from Games Convention Left 4 Dead To Follow Portal, TF2's Example Runes Of Magic - More Than A WoW Clone


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