Xbox 360 Is Huge In Japan (This Week)

Meet the new boss. It's the same as the old boss, as the Nintendo DS reclaims its top spot on the Japanese hardware charts, dethroning the long-standing king of handheld sales, Sony's PSP. That's not the biggest news from this week's Media Create chart, as you can probably determine from that key lime green slice of pie chart. The Xbox 360 rocketed out of last place on the charts, thanks to the new release of Tales of Vesperia in Japan.

Can Microsoft keep the momentum up overseas? Will next month's release of Infinite Undiscovery keep the thrill of playing JRPGs on Western consoles alive?! Oh, the excitement!

  • Nintendo DS - 60,434
  • PSP - 58,501
  • Wii - 38,506
  • Xbox 360 - 24,962
  • PlayStation 3 - 9,673
  • PlayStation 2- 8,503


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