Xbox 360 Japan Getting Erotic Game Port

After Japanese PS3s got their own erotic game, why not bring another ero title to, say, the Xbox 360? Adult computer game 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shojo-, which has the delightful English title 11eyes -Sin, damnation and the atonement girl-, is getting an Xbox 360 version sometime next year. Developed by eroge developer Lass, 11eyes follows several students whose lives alternate between the real world and an alternative universe called "Red Night" which is filled with enemies the students must battle. No doubt the PC game's sex scenes will need to be watered down A LOT.

Click on over to the erotic PC game's site to see what we're talking about. And yes, it's NSFW. Very much so.

11eyes for Xbox 360 [5pb via Sankaku Complex]


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