Xbox Developer Dead in Murder-Suicide

Very sad news from Redmond, Wash. Melissa Batten, 36, a software development engineer in Microsoft's Xbox division, was murdered by her estranged husband, who then shot himself to death, earlier this week.

Batten, a Harvard-educated lawyer, was a Software Development Engineer in Test for Microsoft, supporting Rare on its 360 titles work. She had worked for Microsoft since 2002, earning credits in Halo 3 and Gears of War as an SDET. Earlier, as a lawyer, she had been a public defender for the Mecklenburg County (Charlotte, N.C.) Public Defender's Office.

Her husband, Joseph Batten, was also 36. He had also worked for Microsoft but most recently worked for Wizards of the Coast, publisher of hobby games such as Magic: the Gathering. Melissa had obtained a restraining order against her husband on July 21. Another news story describes Joseph Batten as obsessive and verbally abusive, and when she learned he had obtained a handgun, she sought the protection order.

This is a video from Coin-Op TV showing Melissa at E3 discussing Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts:

Murder Victim Got Emergency Protection Order [KING-TV, with footage]
Slain Woman Had Protection Order [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts at E3 []


    How could anyone kill such a beautiful woman? I'm sure she had an awesome personality too, given the nature of her job. A real shame =(

    This is so very, VERY sad. :(
    I'm sure this will be used to bring about more gun control.
    Soon the only people who will have guns will be criminals.
    Sadder yet.. whether this guy killed her with a legal or illegal gun she is just as is he. If it hadn't been a gun he would have used a knife or ball bat and you cant ban everything that can be used as a weapon.
    Heck you can even kill someone with an ink pen. :(

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