You Got Jet Packs in My Warhawk: A First Look

As we mentioned earlier, Warhawk's upcoming expansion pack Operation Fallen Star is being shown off this week at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

The pack comes with ten new battle maps set in the forested Tau Crater as well as the Icarus M. 1 Rocket Pack, which allows soldiers to fly about and take on both ground troops and Warhawks up close. Hit the jump for the full release.

The war between Eucadian and Chernovan forces has just got even bigger with the advent of a new expansion pack for Warhawk.

Warhawk has expanded again with Operation Fallen Star, a new pack that adds even more to the massive online vehicular combat title.

Available to download from PLAYSTATION Store (PS3), Operation Fallen Star gives you a new battlefield with ten fresh battle maps and a brand new "vehicle". This third addition to the Warhawk expansion pack family introduces the remote, forested Tau Crater - the site of a crashed Chernovan experimental warship containing invaluable experimental technology.

While the Chernovans try desperately to salvage their stricken ship, the Eucadians arrive to claim it for themselves. The landscape is littered with parts of the warship and the Chernovans have brought heavy duty salvaging equipment and a huge crane to lift large pieces of the wreckage - an ideal target for the Eucadians to capture, setting the scene for some epic battles for you to engage in.

This pack expands the player's overall Warhawk experience with ten new Tau Crater battlefields - as well as the Icarus Mk. 1 Rocket Pack: a personal rocket pack that allows soldiers to soar above the fray, escape ground troops, enter the aerial realm of the Warhawks themselves and engage in radically new combat tactics. Use this new mode of transport for a fresh take on aerial combat in all new and existing Warhawk maps.

With thousands of online gamers playing Warhawk every day, Operation Fallen Star marks the perfect time to leave the comfort zone and join the battle in the air or on the ground.


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