You Seem To Have Got Tyranids In My Dawn Of War II

Brilliant. Having teased it yesterday on their community site, Relic have today come out and formally announced that their Dawn of War sequel will feature the Tyranid as a playable race. And it's about damn time. Bringing the Tyranid into the series will be perhaps the sequels' most radical departure from the first game, seeing as they'll play so differently to the two-legged races. If you're new to Warhammer and need a reference point, know before you shoot your mouth off that when Blizzard decided to rip 40K off wholesale while designing Starcraft, they based the Zerg on the Tyranid. Above's the first screenshot, while after the jump, the latest trailer has been expanded to give the Tyranid a little pre-rendered love.


    this should be funny, let's see starcraft fans saying warhammer is a rip off seeing as blizzard is just one huge rip of warhammer to begin with.

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